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Derek Walker

(RMIT University, Australia)
Dr. Derek Walker is Professor of Project Management and Director of Research at the School of Property, Construction and Project Management, RMIT University. He worked in various project management roles in the UK, Canada, and Australia for 16 years before commencing his academic career in 1986. He obtained a Master of Science from the University of Aston (Birmingham) in 1978, and a PhD in 1995 from RMIT University (Melbourne). He has written over 250 peer reviewed papers and book chapters and supervised 24 doctoral candidates through to completion. His most recent books include; Steinfort, P. and Walker, D. H. T. (2011) What Enables Project Success: Lessons from Aid Relief Projects, Newtown Square, PA, Project Management Institute; Klakegg, O. J.,  Williams, T.,  Walker, D. H. T.,  Andersen, B. and Magnussen, O. M. (2010) Early Warning Signs in Complex Projects, Newtown Square, PA, USA, Project Management Institute; and Walker, D. H. T. and Rowlinson, S., Eds. (2008). Procurement Systems – A Cross Industry Project Management Perspective. Series  Procurement Systems – A Cross Industry Project Management Perspective. Abingdon, Oxon, Taylor & Francis.

His research interests centre on innovation diffusion of information and communication technologies, knowledge management, project management and project procurement systems.

He also teaches into the Master of Project Management (MPM) academic program at RMIT. He is editor of The International Journal of Managing Projects in Business for Emerald Insight and is a member of the editorial board of the Project Management Journal, The Learning Organization, Construction Innovation and several other journals.


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