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Zhiliang Ma

Doctor of Engineering, Professor

(Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
He obtained Bachelor Degree in 1986 at Department of Civil Engineering of Tsinghua University, China and his Doctor Degree in 1992 at Department of Civil Engineering of Nagoya University, Japan. He became a full Professor in 2003 at Tsinghua University.

His major research interests are on the application of information technology in civil engineering. He has been the principal investigator of more than 50 research projects. He has published 20 books and more than 200 papers. As a key member, he took part in the writing of policy documents on applying information technology in construction industry for the central government of China. As the executive editor-in-chief, he organized the writing of and published nine subsequent special industrial reports on the application of information technology in building construction field, one report for a specific topic every year, related to Information Management, BIM Application, In-Depth BIM Application, Internet Application, Smart Construction Site Application, Big Data Application, Application of IT in Prefabricated Buildings, Digitalization Application of Industry Supervising and Serving, and Smart Construction.

He serves as the chair of Specialty Committee of Building Information Modeling, China Graphics Society and the vice chair of Engineering Digitalization Branch, China Civil Engineering Society. He also serves as the associate editor of the renowned international journal ‘Automation in Construction’.